1920’s Makeup Making Another Resurgence

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With The Great Gatsby hitting the screens once again in 2013 (done beautifully, as all of Baz Luhrmann’s film are), the 1920s makeup and hairstyles are definitely making their way back into current culture.  I have always loved that era of hair and makeup, especially when updated, for example Dior’s 2009 show when John Galliano took the flapper look and went over the top (‘ the center photo).  What I adore about makeup in the 1920s is that is was mainly about that “perfect pout” with a pronounced cupid’s bow paired with long, pencil thin eyebrows.  Clara Bow was called the “It Girl” of the time and that was true for both her film career and her makeup.  She has always been a strong reference point for me for hair, makeup and fashion during that era.  Fast forward 80+ years and we’re seeing it done on the runways, in films and on the streets.  The everyday woman can accomplish this look without having to block out then draw in or waxing their eyebrows into oblivion to achieve this look.  You just focus on the lips and lashes!  Find a beautiful red, burgundy or even chocolate brown lip color that you love, line your lips with a pencil that is close to that color leaving out the edges (creating a false “pucker”), fill in with pencil and go over it with lipstick.  If you want a more rich look, dab your lips with tissue and apply more lipstick.  As far as your eyes are concerned, you want to keep the eyelid relatively clean looking with a skin tone color shadow from brow to lash line with the main focus being on your lashes and liner.  Definitely black mascara, and always 2 – 3 applications, so that you get that thick, long lash look.  As far as eyeliner, I prefer to keep it at the lash line and sometimes inside the waterline both top and bottom.  You can always do the over the top version and use some plum or grey shadows all over the lid and in the crease for an evening out on the town.  Play it up, or play it down, no matter how you choose to reference that era, it’s a fantastic look to work into your hair and makeup repertoire.

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