Naha Photoshoot 2016

Inspiration : X-Machina
Concept : Core Connection with Inner Self

Chasing time and the shortening attention span means that we are missing out on the happiness that comes from calmness and contentment. A marriage is about to occur between science and spirituality as we turn to psychological and physical repair for a holistic approach to well being. Beauty focus less on the external and more on the internal as our health, mind, energy and, most importantly, spirit is the new foundation of true beauty. Slow down your life and appreciate everything that happens because fifteen minutes is only fifteen minutes, whether lived fast or slow.

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Hair and Make Up : Green Twig Team
Photography : Amelia Kennedy

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Photo shoots and inspiration go hand in hand!

Carla's Fashion Blog

2014 has been a year full of fun projects!  Not only have I been working on photo shoots with the Green Twig Salon team, but I have also done a few freelance projects on my own. Just recently I had the opportunity to work with an awesome photographer from the Academy of Art University, Nick Gutierrez, along with their styling department doing editorial shoots. They were so inspiring and fun!

The fashion stylists had awesome concept ideas with things like high fashion chemists, modern geishas and deadly sins incorporated into fashion, hair and makeup. This was quite different from the updo/styling that I do behind the chair.  The models’ looks had to be switched up several times throughout the day, going from sleek and straight, to wavy and tousled, then to big and textured.  I also learned a few tricks when shooting action hair shots. Things like using fishing line to make a ponytail sway in pictures or blowing bubbles in front of a lens to add a cool effect.  All these things I can now add to my “bag of tricks”.

Not only did I get a lot of motivation from these past few weeks from both workshops and photos shoots, but I also feel super pumped up for the upcoming NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) shoot we have coming up next year!  Looks like 2015 is going to be an even more fantastic year of shooting and the inspiration I find everywhere.

Blog written by Carla and all photos by Nick Gutierrez