It’s been about a month since the passing of Vidal Sassoon, the most iconic figure in the hairdressing industry. The things that I have taken away or absorbed from this generous, humble man are immeasurable and irreplaceable: The love of one’s craft, the idea that beauty can translate from art and architecture into hairstyles, and the concept of creating individual styles based on a client’s bone structure and body shape. These are things that will live in our industry as long as we remember why we embraced this craft to begin with… beauty. We are in the BEAUTY business. And that means helping people feel good about themselves, feel more beautiful than they already are, and see beauty where it is hidden. I am honored to say that I had the pleasure of seeing Vidal Sassoon on stage presenting an award in 2006, and I am proud to be in an industry that honored such a consummate professional, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Vidal Sassoon will be missed but his legacy lives on.

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