I would really like to change the “hair” landscape around here… Goodbye ponytail, goodbye long straight hair and hello messy, hot, sensual hair! Tonged, twisted, teased—not the same old six blow dry options at your nearest blow dry bar. It’s odd to me that all the women in the 20s and 30s crowd that have succumb to the past ideology that long hair, or long layered hair a la Kardashians (what I like to call Fembot hair), is what men like. I love to see women step out of the box with their hairstyle choices and it thrills me when someone sits in my chair and want to look like an individual; wants her hair to move and have personality just like she does. The climate is changing. Women need to be stronger, now more than ever; stand up for what they believe in and protect their rights as individuals and the owners of their bodies, their style and their hair. Let’s fight for our freedoms, let’s be bold and express yourself through your hair… I dare you!

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