I feel like it’s only fitting that I write about Ombre. It has never been my favorite, but lately I have seen some gorgeous color that could fall into the Ombre category, although it is a seemingly natural progression from the brash stages of Ombre. My problem with Ombre is that a lot of times it just looks like grown out color. I love to see color that is purposefully placed, rather than looking grown out.  The new Ombre is a gradation from dark to light that looks like it is melting and fusing with different tone on tone shades, rather than dark roots and lighter ends. I really feel like we should call this look something different… Like Ombre-esque or rather Ombre Fusion. This should never be a kitchen hair project! I would suggest that whenever trying any new color trend that you consult us, the professionals at Green Twig Salon. We can come up with a beautiful solution together by looking at photos and color swatches.

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