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I was going to the movies last Saturday night and I saw 3 women walking across the crosswalk obviously going out. They were dressed  in heels and fancy skirts and low and behold… braids.  Each one of these women had a different braid combination,a french braid into a ponytail, a side french braid with hair down and the third girl had a side fishtail braid!  Braids are here to stay.

I think that braiding is the new replacement for the bun or the messy ponytail.  It’s fast, it’s neat and it’s absolutely more fashionable.  There are countless braid options; we have fishtail braids, 3 strand braids, crown braiding, braids along the part, hippie braids, waterfall braids and more.  And, it’s especially fun to ruche these styles to change the look from neat to messy!

My personal favorite is the “Heidi” braid or the crown braid.  It’s when you do two braids, one behind each ear, and then wrap them around the top of your head.  It can be worn messy or neat. It’s stylish and a little bit reminiscent of the Renaissance Era.  I’ve seen some of our San Francisco baristas with this look and it’s always intriguing.

Regardless of who’s wearing them, braids are fun.  It shows that people are really starting to play with their hair, toying around with new looks and I’m all for it! I t’s so easy now with all of the tutorials on the internet, the options are endless. Let us know if we can be of any help!

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