Loving all the braids this season! Braids bring much-needed texture to this spring’s bold fashions, and also transmit a carefree vibe. The trick to a sophisticated look is to combine braids with hair that is down or tousled and to stay away from the Pippi Longstocking locks from grade school. My favorite is a big fishtail braid rouched up, hanging to one side, as though  you’ve just emerged from the jungle. This look has tons of sex appeal when it’s a bit messy so it’s a great way to change up your look if you’re going out after work. Another très chic look is a French braid along your hairline to create a natural headband that keeps the hair out of your face. The web is a treasure trove of ideas for ways to rock a braid, and tutorials to show exactly how it’s done. Spring’s braids are a fun twist on an old favorite, so find some looks you love and start experimenting… then send me a picture!

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