Fantastic 1920s Hairstyles Revisited

gatsby blog 1

Rarely am I blown away by the hairstyles in movies, but I must say the team that styled The Great Gatsby was spot on with hair and styles of the time. The finger waves were absolutely perfect and the fantastic scarves that accentuated the flawless bobs we’re equally amazing. The women were bold, beautiful, dainty and perfect with a sprinkle of glitz and glam much like the actresses of that time like Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson and Louise Brooks. The men’s hair was just as amazing. Slight undercuts with pieces falling down here and there (especially when emotions were running high) a la Clark Gable, John Barrymore or Buster Keaton. Grooming cream played a huge part in the men’s looks, probably with a little pomade mixed in for the shine. I’m looking forward to cutting a lot of “Gatsby” inspired bobs this season (slight graduation, chin length), with a slight twist depending on the texture and movement of the hair, of course. No write up about “Gatsby” style hair would be complete without mentioning the caps, headpieces, barrettes and ornate headbands that adorned the fabulous hairstyles. All in all it looks to be a fun season for hair!

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