The Future in Men’s Hair

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 At Green Twig Salon we are ready to face the new year with change and excited to nurture our creative process.  With this in mind, I am excited to look into the future of men’s hair. Underneath all of these short barber styles, I see the unveiling of a new level of sexy for men and a new level of long rugged hair and beards.  Now this, by all means, does not discount the undercut (we LOVE the undercut) but I see this also naturally progressing into a longer, softer, more mysterious look.  We foresee lots of texture, wave, movement and lush hair with, or without, facial hair.  All in all a very sensual, sexy, look.  One that goes well with button down shirts and ties, or with that one fabulous t-shirt.  So if you have it, flaunt it.  Better yet… Gel it, coif it, paste it.  Be bold guys and show it off in style!

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