It’s a new year, how about a new look? There is no better time to update your look than the new year. For all of you long haired gals, the ‘midi’ (mid-length haircut) is the fastest growing trend. The midi sits just below the collar bone and can be worn either sleek or messy. It’s nice to take off a few inches and release your hair from the holiday blues.  With the nice blunt edges that the midi offers, it updates your look from that grown-out shaggy looking haircut to something modern and sexy with lots of bounce. Of course, you can always jazz it up with a little curl from a curling wand or twist your hair around a flat iron to achieve soft, beautiful, show-stopping movement. As far as color is concerned, it’s lovely to highlight the bottom 5-7 inches and go for that new, blended ombre look that is sweeping the country. Good luck with your new look and remember, if nothing changes, then nothing changes…

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