Jessica’s Love Affair With Her New Shears

Jessica Shear

So I recently bought a new pair of shears and it’s been unbelievable how inspiring they have been.  You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning extra energized to play with your new purchase? Well I’m in that phase!  I’m also in the “getting to know you” phase where I’m learning what these shears can do and what they are capable of. How they texturize, how they slide cut; so easy, so buttery.  I can almost draw with them when carving out curls or creating face framing layers. They’re so sharp!  I learned very quickly to be careful channel cutting and not remove too much hair.  Not to mention I’m still healing from a cut on my left pointer finger.  I’m taking extra special care of these shears making sure to clean and oil them at the end of every day.  I’m ever so happy and will treat myself to a new pair every year.  Some of my favorites are Hikari, Fan Out and Mizutani.  Looking forward to cutting lots of hair this week!

Blog written by Jessica Haggans

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