Jessica’s Hair Journey

Jessica's blogOne of our fantastic stylists, Jessica, is sharing her journey from making her straight to wearing it natural and curly.  Here’s her story…

I’ve gone through phases of loving my hair then hating my hair and I’ve put my hair through so much over the years!  When I was young, my hair was very fine and curly and then slowly started becoming more straight (except around the hairline) once I was a teenager.  As a Sophomore in high school, I started to blow dry it regularly which knocked out most of the curl that was left which enabled me to get my first bob haircut (which is a look I’ve gone back to many a time in my life).  Around 2001, I started experimenting with braids and weaves, enabling me to have some very long and creative styles.  Once I was done experimenting with that, I returned to a stylist who I had seen previously and she would always give me very structured, trendy, short haircuts.  I wanted to change it up and grow my hair out, but I became obsessed with flat ironing to keep my hair pin straight and perfect (which then lead me to get chemical straighteners).  Fast forward to April 2012 when I came to work at Green Twig Salon.  Dana could tell that I was masking some texture in my hair with the flat ironing and grown out straighteners that I had previously received and she asked me to do a 30 day challenge.  The challenge was to go 30 days and use NO flat iron at all (of course I was a little apprehensive to do it because I had spent SO many years wearing it straight).  She then cut of a couple inches of hair, mind you this was hair that was destroyed and extra fine from the straightening, which made taking on the challenge a bit easier.  By using  shampoo, conditioner and styling products created for curly hair (Aveda’s Be Curly line) and scrunching, twisting and diffusing my hair, rather than straightening, I started my adventure of finding what the natural state of my hair would be.  So my 30 day challenge has turned into 14 months and my hair is healthier and curlier than I ever thought it could be.  What’s even more funny is that I did flat iron it once in the past year and it was so flat and motionless, I looked like I had the flu 🙁   I’m now just letting it grow, letting my beautiful, natural curl loose and enjoying being able to wear my hair in high buns, wearing awesome hats and trying different things with my “new” hair.  Don’t get me wrong, there are moments where I miss having super straight hair, but I love the feeling of having “different” hair from most people and being able to enjoy the gift of curly hair due to my bi-racial heritage.  My hair has become fun and different, just like me!  A huge thanks to Dana for the inspiration and support in letting my hair be set free and natural!

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