Matea posts the question, “To big hair, or not to big hair?”

Wavy hair

Hair done right is neither undone nor overdone.  Generally speaking, American women tend to fall into one of two categories: 1.  Those who shampoo daily but don’t style their hair opting to air dry and/or throw it up in a ponytail or 2. Those who overly fuss with their locks (think Texas sized, artificial looking manes of the Real Housewives of Wherever).  This season on the runway designers like Versace, Calvin Klein and Isabel Marant showcased really organic hair.  Thoughtful and styled well, but not “overly considered”.  This Spring, let’s take a cue from the runways and make it our own… Shampoo less, style more!  Take a little time for your hair, by using the right products and tools, it really is a cinch.  A tip, from the Green Twig Pros, that works for both wavy and straight hair, to achieve runway-esque hair:  Using Aveda Phomollient Mousse or Confixor rough dry your hair until about 80% dry.  Use your brush (brushing with the shape of your head or the direction you want your hair to lay) until it’s 100% dry.  Put your hair up in a bun, holding it with hair pins, and spray with Aveda Control Force.  Let set for 15 minutes, then take it down and run your fingers through it for sexy, tousled, runway locks.


Blog written by Matea, stylist at Green Twig

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