Megan’s View On Updating Your Summer Hair Color!

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It’s that time of the year again and Autumn is fast approaching (or as is the case here in San Francisco, Summer). Just as the colors change with the seasons, a little color change for your hair is always a fantastic pick me up.  As the fall season starts moving towards us with it’s darker, more rich color palette, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect shade for your hair color without feeling washed out.  A style that I am seeing more of, and loving, is the updated and improved ombre.  Instead of the drastic dark on top to light at the bottom color, the updated version is more of a soft, subtle shading effect.  It’s taking a rich color and making it pop with some contrasting highlights, which mainly frame your face.  Because the highlights are not placed directly at the root of the hair, the maintenance is minimal and the grow out is beautiful.  It’s not only an easy way to update your overall color, but also a way to keep your color fun and playful.  Try it with darker shades like you see on Kristen Wiig and the Duchess of Cambridge or darken up your blonde while keeping the highlights around your face like Gisele Bundchen.  No matter what way you choose to make a change to your current hair color, adding some dimension to is a great way to keep your style fresh and up to date.  When you decide you’re ready to update your current hair color, visit any one of the stylists here at Green Twig.  We’ve got tons of ideas!

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