Michaelyn and the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA)


Over the weekend of July 13th Dana, Missy, Jessica and I hopped on a plane and flew off to Las Vegas for NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards).  NAHA is to hairstylists/hairstyling industry as the Oscars are to actors/actresses and the film industry.  Once a year people gather from all over the country (actually Canada as well) to celebrate the best of the best in our industry.  There were some tear jerking reminders of how much beauty is depleted from the world by other industries and how we, in the beauty industry, all work so diligently to put fantastic beauty back in the world (whether it be the wonderful clients in our chair or the recycling that we do here at the salon).  It was such an extremely motivating experience, not only seeing the the amazing stylists up for the awards, but also by our peers around us and their personal styles.  The men really blew us away with their personal hair and fashion (great job guys!).  There was such a variety of awesome haircuts, and some new takes on classic haircuts, that it jump started my creativity to the point that I wanted to get home and start experimenting with ideas from what I saw.  Be prepared to not only see some new NAHA inspired looks leaving Green Twig, but be ready for us to be on stage at NAHA accepting an award, or two, in the next few years!

Blog post written by Michaelyn Smith, one of our fantastic stylists.

Photo on left styled by Dmitrios Tsioumas, center styled by Andrew Carruthers, right styled by Charlie Price

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