Side Parts… How low are you willing to go?

Side Part Blog Photo

With side partings, how low can you go?  The hot “new” part is an extremely low side part that starts anywhere from the middle of your eyebrow to the end of the brow.  This is not a look just favored by the trendy, hipster girls here in San Francisco, it’s also worn quite exquisitely well by our male counterparts.  Just a stroll down Mission Street, with a watchful eye, you’ll realize it’s everywhere and smile knowing that you’re “in the know”.  There are a couple ways for the femme fatales and dashing gents to wear this look.  The first way is to start the parting super low (far end of the brow) and pull the hair across your forehead, like a bang you’re peeking through.  The second way is to make the side part more of a “power” part (middle to end of the brow) and just wear it super flat and smooth, possibly tucked behind the ear.  The side part is just flat out sexy, and sexy is always “in” and on point.

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