Texture, Texture, Texture

Textured hairAfter taking time and watching some of the runway shows from NY Fashion Week I’ve found some of the hairstyles this go around are full of man made “texture”.  These looks are very Bohemian and sassy with a little crinkled and messy mixed in.  Here are a couple ideas to get you started on your way to having fabulous texture.  This style starts with dry hair.  Separate your hair into 8 sections, then spray each section with a setting spray (or hairspray) and braid the sections.  After your hair is braided, take a flat iron and press the braids flat.  Let all the braids completely cool while you touch up your makeup and then take the braids down, lightly running your fingers through the ends of the hair and voila, you’re done.  Another way to create texture is to roll a 12″ x 12″ piece of foil into about the size of a pip cleaner and then bend the foil to create an elongated “U” shape.  Start about half way down the hair shaft and wrap the sections in a figure 8 weaving through the foil.  Clip the ends of the hair with metal clip, or leave them free, and then flat iron these sections (just like you would the braids).  Let the hair cool, take out the foil and either brush through for a textured, frizzy look or finger comb them for a more Bohemian look.  Have fun experimenting with your hair!

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