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The undercut is a fast growing trend with roots buried deep in the punk rock days of the 1980’s.  These days, you can find an undercut on just about anyone from your favorite barista to a young, corporate executive.  The undercut can be subtle enough to just like a whisper of rebellion or extreme enough to look like a full blown mohawk.  I’ve seen some really great bobs with the entire underside cut out and the top of the hair dropped down over it so it looks new, fresh and young.  But wait, this trend isn’t just for young people, it’s for all ages and genders alike.  It’s wonderful to see people, no matter who they are, take risks their hair.  We seem to have so much structure in our lives, so many rules that bind us, it just seems like a shame not to experiment a little bit with your hair.  I would suggest that you take a look at street fashion (the punk rock and retro peeps on your block) and incorporate just a tiny piece of what they are doing with their hair and choice in fashion.  I believe that you will find it truly liberating.

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