The “Kitchen Bob”


kitchen bob

One of the hottest trends going right now is what we have coined “the kitchen bob”.  This refers to a semi-short bob that looks like you just took out the kitchen scissors and started cutting away.  This is a very whimsical, but strong, look that just seems downright playful, with an edge.  The “kitchen bob” was all over the runway this past season, paired with neck scarves and heavy, colorful eyeshadow.  The bob is always making a comeback as it’s a beautiful, fantastic shape that works for almost everyone.  The trick is to tweak it just right to give it a little variation for the season.  I always draw my inspiration from the runway shows, combined with a little street fashion and then put a tiny bit of my own spin on it.  The time is good for hair, the bob is ripe and moody… It’s a good season, so enjoy it, devour it!

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