Tina’s guide to this year’s holiday makeup trends!

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Do you feel the chill in the air?  It is getting cold!  We are on the last stretch towards the busy holidays, hence all the parties and fun gatherings to attend that require a little, or maybe even a lot, of dress up.  Before we get into tips and tricks of this season’s makeup, one thing is for sure, with this cooler air and whipping winds, do not forget to take care and moisturize your skin!  This season’s makeup trends complement that hydrated complexion by subtly accentuating your cheek, brow, or lips.  What I love seeing now, are natural but a tinge of “rosiness” that is blushed high on the cheekbones which emulates that effect when you go out for a brisk walk on these cold days.  You can even create contoured cheeks by choosing a foundation color that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone and applying it to the hallows of the cheeks, then blending it up towards the cheekbones.  What also has been in trend are strong brows that are shapely, groomed and even slightly masculine.  That style helps frame your face and balance your features.  Just remember, do not shade them darker than your natural hair color!  Last but not definitely not least, the lips! Lips have always been the fun part of makeup and it is all about matte lip stain this season.  Any of the Aveda lip color is versatile in the sense that they can go on sheer with one or two coats, or add a few more and you’ll be ready for that party!  If there are any questions, or would like more tips about Aveda makeup and the application, come visit me at Green Twig Salon on Union street!


Tina Inoue is a stylist at our second location on Union Street in the Cow Hollow/Marina neighborhood.

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