Trends are fun but true beauty is timeless. I love looking back at past hair trends and seeing which ones endured and became classics, like Lauren Bacall’s soft curls and Jean Harlow’s platinum waves. When you see a look you love, find a way to apply some aspect of it to your own style. In a word: Recycle! Raquel Welch’s look in the 60’s is similar to Adele’s look today. The secret is to adapt a style to your own look instead of trying to mimic a celebrity’s look, which far too many women do with the Kardashians and Jennifer Aniston. Rely on your inner beauty to guide you into a personal fashion revolution. My role models include Katherine Hepburn and Vivienne Westwood, women clearly in control and with styles that spoke volumes without having to say a word. Their style confidence inspires me to push the envelope and be my stylish best every day. Who are your style icons? How have you used their looks as inspiration?

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